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Correcting the Grammar of Employee Engagement 10.08.2015
By: Lewis Garrad, Managing Director for Asia Pacific

When you talk about Employee Engagement, are you using the word “Engagement” as an adjective or a verb? Perhaps you’ll say that you use it as both at the same time? This might seem like a facetious question but it’s important. When we use the term interchangeably we underestimate the fundamental differences between the two definitions, which influences how we respond to our problems and challenges.

Latest and Greatest

  • We are proud to partner with Hogan Assessments and announce a new way to make leaders more engaging with "The Engaging Leader".
  • David Sirota Ph.D., Chairman and Emeritus, was published for his Letter to the Editor in The New York Times, Sept. 21st.
  • We are a proud co-sponsor of the The Engagement InstituteTM  which has been designed to steward the evolving process of learning and discovery around the critical business issue of employee engagement. Please click here to read more.
  • Six Surprising Insights of Successful Employee Engagement By Mark C. Crowley, Fast Company
    Finally, leaders are now convinced one of their last remaining competitive advantages lies with their people. Please click here to read the full article.


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